Mezcolanza NYC

Mila Cotto, Kalan Sherrard, Veraalba Santa, Juana D Arc, Lio Villahermosa, Lizbeth Rom├ín, “Peru” Enrique & Helen Ceballos

3rd Annual Loisaida Festival TheaterLab 2016

Anchored at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden, the Loisaida Festival Theater Lab presents a wide variety of theatrical presentations ranging from well-established veteran companies, up-and-coming theater troupes to local youth productions in a green family-friendly outdoor environment.

2nd Annual Loisaida Festival TheaterLab 2015

La Plaza Cultural Community Garden serves as a wonderful outdoor venue and provides an alternative from the noise and crowd of the street with diverse performances for all tastes and ages.

First Annual Loisaida Festival TheaterLab 2014

Anchored at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden, a full program of theater presentations and workshops.