6th Annual Loisaida Festival TheaterLab 2019

The Loisaida Festival’s Theater Lab, a production of Loisaida Inc. is returning for the 6th year, this time on the street level at 6th Street and Avenue C.

Co-produced by: MEZCOLANZA NYC, Junktown Duende & Loisaida Inc.

Starting at 12:00 pm

NEW Location: Southside of: Avenue C, North of 6th Street at the Street Level. You won’t miss it!

[Press Release will be published soon!]

The Loisaida Festival’s Theater Lab, a production of Loisaida Inc. is returning for the 6th year, this time on the street level at 6th Street and Avenue C. Starting at 12:00 pm Part of the annual Loisaida Festival on Sunday, May 26th 2019. Among the highlights of the program is the New York premiere of the Loisaida Artivists Bunch, a newly formed collective group of Loisaida neighbors, residents in collaboration with National and International artist collaborators. And, presenting a musical intervention by CodeScty who also form part of our premiering STEAM Zone bringing multi-media learning experiences, intimate musical performances, facilitated micro-lessons.

Loisaida Inc. remains committed to the voices of Puerto Rican playwrights and performers, participating again for the 4th year in a row, the PR based group, MEZCOLANZA Plataforma Híbrida.

Please make sure to come and witness, street theater and performance, local creativity at its core.

2019 Schedule:

12:00 p.m  Welcome remarks by: Julian Garnik

12:05 p.m.  One Eye King (excerpt) by: Roman Primitivo Albaer

More info: Roman is a Mexican-national living in the LES since the 1990s, and self-taught artist. He works in mixed media with social justice themes. His art and plays have been shown at ABC NO RIO, Zito Gallery, Le Jungle Gallery and Theater for the New City. Roman’s new play is a multi-media dystopian retelling the Adam & Eve myth.

12:15 p.m.  Intervention by CodeScty (Musical Performance)

More info:CodeScty uses original music to teach computational thinking and coding – like Schoolhouse Rock for computer science. The team is made up of artists, musicians, educators, and technologists.

12:30 p.m.  Special presentation with: Czechoslovak American Marionette Theater (Community showcase)

More info: CAMT is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of traditional and not-so-traditional puppetry. As new immigrants from Prague, we wanted to create a theatre company based on the well-known marionette traditions of Central Europe, where puppetry has a strong and creative history.

12:50 p.m.  Teatro 220 (Improv Troupe)

01:10 p.m.  Loisaida Inc. presents: The Plenatorium (Old-style Plena)

More info: The Loisaida Center’s own project ensemble for the research and preservation of traditional Puerto Rican plena, an Afro-Caribbean music genre known as the newspaper of the people. Joined by Grammy Award winner Héctor ‘Tito’ Matos on voice and tumbandero.

01:40 p.m.  Intervention by: MEZCOLANZA Plataforma Híbrida presenting work by:

  • Millie Coto (20 min)
  • Cerulean House de Casa Cruz de La Luna (20 min)
  • Joe Louis (40 min)
  • Helen Ceballos (15 min)
  • Paulina Pagán (15 min)
  • Milena Pérez Joglar (15 min)

03:45 p.m.  Menos by: Y No Había Luz

More info: This work leads us to reflect on abuse, the exchange of power and oppression. Play with the exchange of roles between oppressor and oppressed, creating images that oblige the viewer to reflect on these important issues these days.

“To talk with the hands is the oldest form of communication, and as puppeteers we honor our hands and those who have taught us how to use them”

04:00 p.m.  Loisaida Inc., Junktown Duende and L.A.B. present: The Loisaida Community Pageant (Street Theater and Puppetry)

More info: Once again, Loisaida Center has commissioned Junktown Duende, our favorite professional celebration artists, to work with Loisaida friends, neighbors, and families, to create the story of our own community—our gardens, our joys, our struggles—all with giant puppets, masks, costumes, songs and cute as heck dancing kids! Don’t miss this touching, funny, beautiful show about and by the neighborhood!

05:00 p.m. Closing

Special thanks to our technical team:
Theater Lab Sound provided by: Fernandito Ferrer
Theater Lab MC and host: Julián Garnik