2019 Main Stage

2019 Main Stage Lineup and Schedule


Main Stage is located on the north-side of 12th Street and Avenue C.

Stage Line Up Itinerary:

12:00 pm  Welcome Remarks and Awilda Lora and Loisaida Inc. Director, Libertad Guerra

12:05 pm  Introduction by: La Cotto (Música Urbana)

12:15 pm  Intervention by: Dorill Initiative Youth (Dance Performance)

12:20 pm  2019 Loisaida Basketball Tournament Champions Ceremony (Community)

12:35 pm  Centinela by: Y no Había Luz (Musical Theater)

01:20 pm  Women Orishas with: Yesenia Selier (Afro-Cuban Rhythms)

02:00 pm  2019 Viva Loisaida Awards (Community)

02:15 pm  Abrazos Army (Salsa, Funk, Soul)

03:00 pm  La Maquina Insular (Plena)

04:00 pm  Son del Monte (Charanga)

05:00 pm  Closing Remarks

More about the 2019 Main Stage:

Hosted by: Awilda Rodríguez Lora

awilda rodriguez lora

photo by: Lale Namerrow

Awilda “La Performera” Rodríguez Lora is a performance choreographer and cultural entrepreneur. She challenges in her work the concepts of woman, sexuality, and self-determination. These concepts are explored through the use of movement, sound, and video as well as through literal instantiations of an “economy of living” that either potentiates or subtracts from her body’s “value” in the contemporary art market. Born in Mexico, raised in Puerto Rico, and working in-between North and South America and the Caribbean, Rodríguez Lora’s performances traverse multiple geographic histories and realities. In this way, her work promotes progressive dialogues regarding hemispheric colonial legacies, and the unstable categories of race, gender, class, and sexuality. Rodríguez Lora has been an invited guest artist at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD), New York University, the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Dance Center, and the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), among others. Her solo work has been recently featured at DEFORMES Performance Biennale (Chile), Posta Sur Performance Encounter (Chile), Independence Dom (Dominican Republic) and the Miami International Performance Art Festival (USA).
Rodríguez Lora is currently a host at La Rosario in Santurce, Puerto Rico where she is creating, researching, and producing her life project, La Mujer Maravilla, while developing new strategies for the sustainability of live arts in Puerto Rico. After more than ten years of work as a fully independent artist, she is committed to further studying how artistic economies can be harnessed to support alternative forms of life rooted in communality, creativity, and social justice.

Son del Monte

Son del Monte is a New York City based band performing unique tunes from various artists. Their musical concept is born from musical director and timbalero, Manny Rivera. Fans all over, specially in the Lower East Side have grown to love Son Del Monte,  and they described their style as Una Charanga Con Algo Mas.

“The band members are, on Flute is the virtuoso Mauricio Smith Jr., on Violins is Eric Roberto Salazar and David Rimelis, on Trombone is Michael Pallas, Juanga Lakunza and Charlie Garcia, who has arranged for the band as well, on Piano is Eli Rivera, on Bass is Bert Castro, on Conga is Joe Gonzalez and on Timbales is Manuel Rivera.  The singers are Luis Ayala, Armando Jimenez Sonji and Luis Soto.”


La Maquina Insular

Puerto Rican pleneros La Maquina Insular, whose lineup features Hector “Tito” Matos and other members of Viento de Agua, a group known for revitalizing the Puerto Rican musical traditions of bomba y plena. In fact you might say that La Maquina Insular are the “acoustic version of Viento de Agua” .

“Tito Matos and his pleneros from La Maquina Insular will not disappoint”


Abrazos Army

Abrazos Army is a New York City Uptown based genre bending/blending, SalSoulful Funk meets radical Rap N Roll rhythm machine, founded and organized as the Abrazos Orchestra, by Bronx born/raised NuyoRican percussionist, Aníbal Collazo Jr, and artist/photographer/singer, Amy “Aimz” Poncé.

Although Abrazos Army is a loud and proud product of “The Boogie Down Bronx,” and its Nuyorican history and heritage is powerfully presented and represented in it’s salsa meets soul stylings.

“Abrazos Army represent the entire essence of ‘the Empire State’ and have gnarly roots and far-reaching branches that extend to Latin America, the Caribbean and all the way to Asia, Africa and back”


Woman Orishas the play

Cuban born performer and scholar, recipient of fellowships from CLACSO, Cuban Heritage Collection, the Díaz-Ayala Cuban and Latin American Popular Music Collection and Tinker Foundation. Yesenia Selier‘s work on Afro Cuban culture, encompassing dance, music and racial identity has been published in Cuba, the United States, Colombia, and Brazil. She has worked alongside artists like Teresita Fernandez, Coco Fusco, Septeto Nacional de Cuba, Jane Bunnett, Wynton Marsalis, Chucho Valdés, Pedrito Martinez, Román Diaz. She produced the theater play “ Women Orishas” for Miami Cuban Museum (2013), the show “Cuba en Clave” for the New York Cuban Cultural Center (2014), the performance-procession “Día de Reyes” at Madison Square Park (2015), the Performance “Oshun- Inform” in Washington Square Park (2016) and “ Love Vibration”, Queens Museum (2017), “Nigra Suns”, Kennedy Center (2018) and “Cachita”, APAP (2019). She just produced the First Afro Cuban Festival in Athens, Greece, where she is making her first documentary Cuba- Hellada, on the effects of the Orisha Tradition in contemporary Greece, one of the cradles of Latino Culture and Western Civilization.

 “Yesenia’s work on Afro-Cuban culture, encompassing dance, music, and racial identity, has been published in Cuba, the United States, Colombia, and Brazil.”


Y No Había Luz

Y No Había Luz Theater Company is a constant artistic work-in-progress that contributes to the growth and development of the Puerto Rican culture, linking art to various educational field. It provides the community with a direct approach to the visual and performing arts through workshops, plays and cultural management projects.

Interdisciplinary artistic experiences that awaken in individuals the sensitivity, beauty, creativity, freedom of thought and spirit, conscience, solidarity and social justice in Puerto Rico and the world . Their extensive theatrical repertoire of original pieces, have been presented both nationally and internationally.

“Characterized by its interdisciplinary approach to art, fusing theater, dance, music, masks, puppets and objects in a scenic setting that transmits a feeling, an image, a provocation.”


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