2019 Loisaida Festival Poster

by: Stephanie Cavina

Artist Statement:

Stephanie Cavina, illustrator from Puerto Rico, grew up in the municipalities of Canovanas and Bayamon. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Arts in Image and Design from La Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan. As an artist her focus is on illustration, animation, as well as other various digital and traditional forms of Visual Arts. In her work, she is inspired by themes around Nature and its connection with the feminine character. She currently lives in the Netherlands where she pursues a Master in Animation  to continue to expand her artistic skill set. Stephanie is interested in the history of color and the research of poetic imagery to tell her stories through illustration.

In her illustrations, she carefully crafts a unique style to tell stories around quotidian themes, life, Culture and people. Stephanie has collaborated on social justice projects in Puerto Rico, such as The San Juan Bay Estuary Program. After a long time of neglect by the local government, this successful program was created to bring awareness to the public at large, of the important ecosystem that is the estuary of the San Juan bay area, in Puerto Rico. Stephanie has also collaborated on other social projects such as Paz para la Mujer where themes of equity and violence against Women are highlighted through a mix of animation and video footage.

Original work by Stephanie Cavina: