2018 Loisaida Festival Community Parade

Community Carnival Parade & Pageant: 11:00 a.m. Kick-off/Staging site: Avenue C and 12th Street at Dry Dock Park.


11:00 a.m. Kick-off/Staging site: 12th Street between Avenue C and Avenue D on Dry Dock Park

Best viewing spot is on East 11th Street and Avenue C

Parade Route:

Starts at 11:00 am on 10th Street to Avenue D, South on D to 6th Street, west on 6th to Avenue C, right on C, north to 12th Street and ending at Festival’s Main Stage by 12:00 pm.


From May 14th through May 25, we are delighted to host again a team of professional artists, puppeteers and street performers, from around the country, once again descend upon the Loisaida neighborhood to work with the local residents, to create beautiful artwork to showcase at the annual Loisaida Festival Carnival Parade.

The artists will use recyclable materials or what is “at hand,” and whatever can be salvaged from NYC curbsides. Adam, Daniel and María are the lead artists and are dedicated to the mission of transforming the detritus of our lives and society into beautiful works. The materials these artists use will include cardboard boxes, scraps of wood and fabric, used latex paint, foam, broken bicycle inner tubes, old cd’s, paper mâché, and whatever other surprise garbage we can find to inspire creativity.

By using locally sourced, free, cheap and available materials, by working with the local residents, and by focusing our theme on celebrating the unique local cultural legacy, and honoring the neighborhood’s own heroes; the artists, activists and gardeners who shaped it with the goal to inspire and empower the local community and young people, as they discover that they are powerful artists in their own right.

Their creations will debut in the 2018 Loisaida Festival Parade and it will not function without the participation of the community. We rely on the community, not only to be there as an eager audience watching the parade from the sidewalk as it passes, but also as collaborators.


Loisaida Inc. has again secured two masters in the arts of street theater to develop and implement a 2 week intensive collaborative atelier of signage techniques to kick-off the Loisaida Street Festival. Daniel Polnau and Adam Ende (link to bios below) are veteran puppeteers and distinct street artists with extensive US and international experience coming together in Loisaida to engage our surrounding community in an exploration of what is possible with humble and accessible materials. They will offer their skills and mentorship in diverse formats of inter-active public art aesthetics, messaging and celebration.

At the same time the 2018 Loisaida Festival Carnival Parade; features our Artist-in-residence group Earth Celebrations directed and founded by Felicia Young, with spectacular costumes and puppets created during Open Community Workshops held at Loisaida Inc. Center with artists Michele Brody and Lucrecia Novoa for the ECOLOGICAL CITY- Procession for Climate Solutions. Ecological City is a cultural and climate action project with 3 months of creative engagement workshops that culminated in an ecological urban pilgrimage and performance art event created in collaboration with hundreds of residents and over 50 partner organizations. Ecological City featured a spectacular 6-hour procession of visual art, giant puppets and costumes with 20-site performances of dance, music, theater and poetry celebrating sustainability solutions throughout the community gardens, neighborhood and East River Park waterfront on the Lower East Side of New York City.

Artists Profile:

Daniel Polnau – Artist, puppeteer, director of Tiny Town artists collective and  Strombolli’s Medicine Show. Daniel Polnau has created puppet parades, circuses, and outdoor theatre spectacles for over 30 years. He specializes in creating larger than life puppets out of recycled junk and up-cycled materials making the mundane become extraordinary. At the heart of each highly collaborative project he strives to demystify the creative process, and quicken the innate creative abilities in all, regardless of age, abilities, or arts experience. His projects and residencies have spanned the globe from Moscow, Bali, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Adam Ende – Puppeteer, founder and director of Jawbone Puppet Theater; artistic and managing director of the Islewilde performance festival. He has more than 20 years of extensive experience directing puppet shows, parades and festivals around the US and Taiwan, as well as writing shows, building puppets, performing, and leading workshops in puppet making and performance. His particular specialty is making portraits in puppet.

Marta María Marta Vi was born in the city of Porto , in Portugal, and raised by her Luso-Indian mother, in the old village of Amadora, today one of the largest city of the country. In the spring of 2019 Marta Vi will be celebrating 30 years living in Loisaida, then; said in big banners, against the wind till it turned to shreds “ The Place to be in the 90’s”. In the late 80’s Marta Vi grew inspired to relate and express her trajectory through vocal improvisation. Sharing her strengths and weaknesses, in installations made of found, and worn objects, with much found plastic. From the hot summers nights, without air conditioner, in dusty corners of a neighborhood rising from the rubble, Marta Vi wrote a few short stories. Those became theatrical musical skits, or simple song poems. She has collaborated, and performed countless times a piece called “Pa-Larva”, which over the years has mutated, from a solo piece in the late 80’s, into a musical play in the early 90’s, and through collaborative works involving migration and exploitation of people, subjected by industry, farming and it’s fertilizers. Marta Vi was first welcome in NY city as an artist, by Dorothea Tyler, the widow of Richard Oviet Tyler, at 328  East 4th street,  and was also a member of The Uranian Phalanstery also known as The First Gnostic Lyceum Temple. There she was encouraged to meditate, and cook evening meals at the rise of a red sun, that emitted Caribbean church sounds, emerging movements  that evolved into original choreographed dance theater works, staged at “ABC no Rio”, “Gas Station”, “Knitting Factory” and “The Living Theater”. By the mid 90’s Marta Vi distanced her self from the performance arts, and began exploring the making of Mosaics, with broken objects, Her mosaic covered floor up to the window sill , is evidence of that work. On the last three years Marta Vi began performing Bossa Nova covers, and original music, with Marta & The Muses, now called Martonians. At the Loisaida Center Marta Vi found a safe haven to express creatively. In the last two years Marta Vi in collaboration with other artists, created upcycle art, choreographed, and directed the plays for Garbagia Island,  and for Loisaida Parade & Pageant 2018. Marta’s goal is to be present with integrity, creating art with solutions for healing and kindness for all.

For any questions please contact: info@loisaida.org

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